About the artist


Meet Alex Svechinsky, the heart and soul behind AstroFrame.

From a young age, Alex was captivated by the mysteries of space. It was the unseen beauty of the universe, the hidden gems beyond our naked eye, that really sparked his imagination. The idea that ancient civilizations once gazed upon the same stars ignites his passion for connecting the past with the present through his work.

As an established graphic designer, Alex's curiosity soared to new heights during the 2020 pandemic. That's when he acquired his first telescope and dedicated astronomy camera, embarking on a journey of celestial discovery right from his backyard. He finds it fascinating that with just a bit of accessible equipment, we can explore visions of space akin to those seen through NASA's powerful telescopes.

Alex's journey into astrophotography is fueled by the colorful and diverse cosmos, and the notion that so many celestial forms mirror elements found on Earth. Before stepping into the world of astrophotography, he honed his skills as a graphic designer and photographer, always with an eye towards the sky. His first foray into space imaging began with a Canon SLR and his cousin's Sky-Watcher Dobsonian telescope, but it was in 2020 that his hobby turned into a serious pursuit.

His philosophy is simple: to reveal the extraordinary forms that adorn our universe, showcasing the beauty and elegance that lie beyond the stars and planets. Through AstroFrame, Alex shares this beauty, capturing mesmerizing shapes and vibrant nebulas to remind us that there's a whole universe of wonder waiting to be discovered.

Welcome to AstroFrame – where every image is a journey, every print a connection to the cosmos, and every customer a fellow traveler in the grand voyage of discovery.