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North American Nebula

The North American Nebula, named for its resemblance to the continent, is an expansive emission nebula. Our High-Quality Space Photos capture its vivid red hues, produced by ionized hydrogen.


Approximately 2,590 light years from Earth

Apparant Magnitude


Object Type

Emission Nebula

Alternative version of the North America Nebula from 2022

From the Artist

"North America and Prllican Nebula - 2023
Every summer for the past 3 years started with this object in the Cygnus constallation. This was the very first nebula I captured on my modified Canon camera back in 2020 and the first nebula I captured with Narrowband filters.

This time around, I took a bunch of closeups of the nebula, making sure to also capture the nearby Pellican Nebula and making a Mosaic out of them. Resulting a very large image with lots of interesting details upon closer inspection, including the Cygnus Wall (bottom center)

Technical stuff:
This was captured throughout the month of May / June 2023. There are 4 images within the Mosaic, each one is a combination of RGB, Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen and Sulphur. This is the first time I used my new 3nm Askar OIII filter in conjuction with the 3nm HO filter and was able to pull so much contrast in my image."

In the Cosmos

Location of the North America Nebula inside the Cygnus constellation

This nebula is in Cygnus, near the bright star Deneb. Cygnus, a constellation visible in the Milky Way band, hosts various deep-sky objects, making it a treasure trove for astronomers.