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Cone Nebula

The Cone Nebula, a part of NGC 2264, is known for its conical shape. This Astronomy Wall Art favorite is a region filled with gas and dust, obscuring the light of forming stars within.


Approximately 2,700 light years from Earth

Apparant Magnitude


Object Type

Dark Nebula

Cone Nebula work file layer starless

From the Artist

"NGC 2264 - The Cone Nebula / Christmas tree cluster. I've been trying to capture this since last year, but due to technical difficulties and not clear skies I ran into issues. This year I had just a few nights of clear cloudless skies to capture this relatively dim nebulocity. At the end there were about 8.75 hours of integration time.

The Cone Nebula, located in the bottom section of the photo, it is a long, dark interstellar pillar of gas and dust located in the constellation Monoceros. It lies approximately 2,700 light-years from Earth, in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way.

This giant pillar lives inside of a massive star-forming region surrounding the Christmas Tree Cluster. The Cone Nebula forms the southern part of NGC 2264, while the Christmas Tree Cluster resides to its north.

Next year I'd love to get back to this region and add more integration time to gain more contrast around the Christmas Tree and hopefully bring out some more of the Oxygen within the formation"

In the Cosmos

Starmap of the Cone Nebula located in the constellation Monoceros

Located in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, this nebula is near the Christmas Tree Cluster. Monoceros is a constellation rich in open clusters and nebulae, a hidden gem in the night sky.