The astrological test Why an astrology?

Why an astrology?

      About an astrology many books are written and the set of opinions is stated. One authors consider as her science, others attribute it to a pseudo science. Unfortunately, neither nor others cannot indicate those a source of an origin of an astrology. It does discussion senseless and transfers her in belief category. It is better to ask a question - the astrology is a product of mind or result of mystical experiences?

     The first part of a question as the astrology hints at him is more interesting. Really, zodiacal circle is a semantic framework of any astrological construction. It consists of a combination of symbols of four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Each elements contain three others. Why such order is received?

Criteria of comparison

      Some experts in ancient philosophy speak about the following. The opinion has in the usual sense become stronger that the Greek philosophers assumed elements as physical the essence, determining the world. But it not so. Philosophers investigated world around from the point of view of logic of his absolute unity in themselves and external absolute singularity. That is no set is impossible without idea of his unity. Such assumption is most brightly stated in Plato's dialogue of "Parmenides".

     The thesis about absolute external singularity (when there is no anything except one) leads to a conclusion about impossibility of him to think. It is impossible to tell something about absolute one, besides, that there is an empty act of thought, that is - negation. Negation is thought propulsion. It transfers absolute one in relative, that is different from other, in one real. For "one essence" categories of identity, difference, rest and motion immediately are required. Rest and motion concern to logic transition, instead of to the physical phenomenon. As the essence can be thinkable only against something another their association gives a "formation" category. Formation is a stage of generation of a limit and boundless. The becoming essence is one and differs from other. This other resists both absolute to one and essence and formation, being their carrier. Synthesis of this other and formation categories is embodied in a fact category. The fact does not demand new synthesis with other, it will lead to his collapse, return to formation. Difference from other is necessary for him only. This difference is a quality category (the name, concept).

     So, there are four categories of sense: essence one, formation, the fact, quality. As antique space in any attitude only one, his semantic basis is designed by these categories. In the real world to them there correspond elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth. In other words elements are development in other of dialectic categories.

     Connection of categories-elements can be expressed geometrically. The circle of zodiacal signs is one of such expressions also. Therefore the horoscope is the logic machine for designing of statements on the basis of the given logic sample. In such context the astrology has logic preconditions and can be applied in certain borders.